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Can ABL Asset Based Line Of Credit Lending Cure Your Finance Blues

Is there anything worse in business than the Finance Blues? We don’t think so, and one potential cure is asset based line of credit lending in Canada.

The reason this method of business financing is still somewhat widely unheard of, (or worse yet) misunderstood comes down to that fact that a majority of busines owners in Canada, we think, don’t understand they have options. And ABL lines of credit are clearly a new option.

It kind of always comes down to two different cures for the business finance blues, one is when your business simply can’t achieve traditional financing within our chartered banking system, and the other is when the amount of financing the business owner and financial manager needs far exceeds what other forms of finance can’t deliver on.

And when ABL turns out to be both flexible , and justifiable in cost , that’s where the cure has … Read the rest